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In today’s litigious society, people are quick to point the finger when things go wrong and often that finger is pointed toward the Director in charge.

Whilst the benefits of Directors Liability Insurance are likely to be well known to executives on the boards of large national or multi-national organisations, who are probably familiar with the risks of legal action, the fact that the Directors of smaller companies and organisations also face comparable risks is not widely recognised.

Legally, irrespective of a company’s ‘Limited’ status, Directors, and those in a position of responsibility, can be held liable for decisions made on the company’s behalf, whether or not they were directly involved or are being remunerated for their role. This means that as a Director, your own personal wealth could be at risk.

Directors and Officers insurance provides financial protection for acts undertaken in the running of an organisation, as well as those involving negligence and breach of trust from an honest mistake.

Defending a claim can prove exceptionally expensive, as experts and professionals are called in to represent you. It is therefore vital that there is adequate cover in place to encompass these costs, and ensure that your business is not financially affected.

Listed below are just a few areas of law which they may be held liable under:

Legal actions can be brought from a wide range of parties including shareholders, creditors, employees, contractors, regulatory authorities and the company itself.

Following are examples of claims which have been made:

With our experience in this field of insurance, Pargeter & Associates will discuss and assess your individual requirements and recommend the most suitable solution.

Legal Defence

Pargeter & Associates are able to offer comprehensive policies covering all angles of legal defence, tax protection, tax advice, bodily injury and employment disputes for businesses. It is an excellent addition to a businesses insurance portfolio, giving you piece of mind that should you find yourself in court, you have the sound support of a specialist legal expenses insurer behind you. It also means you do not have to worry about legal fees when your efforts could be better spent elsewhere.

Legal expenses insurance can provide you and your business for:Employment disputes

The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 (‘Act’) came into force on 6th April 2008.   This controversial Act has taken ten years to be created and has undergone many significant changes.  The driving force for this Act has been a number of disasters in recent years that have highlighted a failure to prosecute successfully using the current law of manslaughter.  These include – the sinking of the Herald of Free Enterprise, the Kings Cross fire and the Southall and Clapham rail crashes. Cover can be arranged for claims arising under this new legislation. This includes;


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