Employers Liability

You are responsible for the health and safety of your employees while they are at work. Your employees may be injured at work, or they or your former employees may become ill as a result of their work while in your employment. They might try to claim compensation from you if they believe you are responsible. The Employers' Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 ensures that you have at least a minimum level of insurance cover of £5,000,000 against any such claims. In practice most policies provide cover of £10,000,000.

There has been a huge increase in litigation, the emergence of 'ambulance chasers' encouraging the 'someone must pay' culture, record-breaking court awards and a whole raft of new liabilities undreamed of when the legislation was drafted, have all added to industry losses.

Employers’ liability insurance will enable you to meet the cost of compensation for your employees’ injuries or illness whether they are caused on or off site. Employers’ liability insurance is compulsory and you can be fined if you do not hold a current employers’ liability insurance policy which complies with the law.

We can organise cover for the cost of damages, as well as related legal fees, costs and expenses and with our specialist knowledge will work with you to understand the specific requirements of your business and then provide you with the most appropriate insurance, at a competitive price.

employer liabilities

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