Certain items of equipment within your property will have a statutory inspection requirement. Such an inspection must be carried out by a competent person at regular intervals and a report of their findings will need to be made available to you, prospective purchasers, solicitors, mortgage lenders and/or the Health & Safety Executive.

The most common types of equipment that will need to be inspected include fork lift trucks, lifts and pressurised boiler systems.

It may also be necessary to arrange for the inspection of other items within your property, such as electrical installations even though in some instances there may not be a statutory inspection requirement.

In addition to the basic inspection service, insurance for sudden and unforeseen damage to the item of plant can also be added and also lifted goods cover.

With our experience Pargeter & Associates can provide engineering insurance providing tailored policies for plant, machinery and with flexible policies, clients only pay for the elements that apply to them. They can, for example, choose from the following:

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